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Indoor playgrounds / children's playrooms in modern design.

We can deliver all sizes and designs of indoor playgrounds, and we can adjust and add play components of customer´s choice (ball pool, slides, slides, climbing ramps, obstacles, tunnels, rope ladders and tunnels, trampoline, obstacles, foam toys, swings, multi-sport playgrounds, climb tower, roller coaster, board games, interactive game tables, kinetic sands, inflatable bouncy and sports attractions, and many others).


- Color tuning, combination of colors as required

- Modification of thematic tuning, playground design

- Apply the mascot and logo

- Add a play zone for children under 3 years of age


We will be happy to help you with the design of a project playground for your café, shop, pizza restaurant, hotel, guesthouse, business center, entertainment center, shop, service center, waiting room, airport, leisure center and other children's facilities.

Children playground for café

  • - Certified product with quality processing.

    - EVA insulating floor (copies body temperature)

    - Steel construction 48mm diameter

    - Safety features according to standards EN-1176

    - Flexibility: possibility of any size, design, color adjustments

    - Mobility : playground can be easily disassembled and placed to different venue