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Our company has been inflatables supplier since 2008 and indoor playgrounds supplier since 2010.

Our main product product portfolio includes:

  1. amusement inflatables

  2. advertising inflatables

  3. pneumatic structures 

  4. indoor playgrounds

  5. trampolines

Starting in 2008 as a distributor of few European inflatable brands, we quickly noticed what was missing on the market and we decided to fill up this gap on our own, as a producer of customized inflatables for the European markets.


Since 2010, our team takes care of custom production of professional inflatable products, including all the advertising products and product replicas, together with branded inflatable entertainment products with added value.


Our brand REATEK became well known in the Central European market, especially for the designs, quality, quick delivery and high safety. We specialize in custom-made products for SMEs and we are the only producer in Europe offering 36 -48 month warranty.

Since 2016, our company is an active member of IAPPA - International association of amusement parks and attractions and we regularly take part in international events and shows.

Our main goal is to provide for all our business partners:  modern, cost-efficient, and professional solutions , through which they all have the opportunity to permanently grow, increase brand recogintion and increase profits.


We make professional inflatable attractions designed for commercial use, which production, design and processing is constantly improving to ensure that our attractions bring success to our business partners and highlight them amongst competition.

Our vision is to become the main European supplier of inflatable attractions and advertising products that, thanks to its quality, safety, manufacturing precision, delivery speed and originality of designs, will bring our customers a success in business.



Nowadays, you need to attract and reach customers  with something new, original, other than competition...


If you're looking for such a product, an advertisiment that highlights your brand, attracts customers, increases traffic, and increases your turnover, you're in the right place.

We have all kinds of products which can either help you in BTL marketing campaigns or highlight your company, your brand in a completely different way.



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