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                       FOR COMMERCIAL USE

Production of commercial grade inflatable attractions - products which generate profits

We produce professional custom made inflatable attractions - any kind and size of inflatable bouncy house, moonwalk, slide, combo, obstacle course, sports, and much more.


We are able to produce any inflatable product you can come up with. Our brand - REATEK inflatables - is well known in the Central European markets, for the quality, quick delivery and high safety products with TUV certificate EN-14960.

  • High quality and originality - best price guaranteed for all custom made inflatable products

  • No extra charges for changing colors or adding your corporate logos for the attractions line

  • We specialize in making CUSTOM MADE inflatables with customer´s own unique designs

  • All products are delivered only with Gibbons Fans - professional and branded blowers from U.K.

  • Warranty 36 months and post-warranty service for all our customers

  • Quick delivery time: 12-15 working days for most of the inflatable advertising products

  • We are on of a few producers in Central Europe who offers warranty on selected products up to 48 months

Our products main features: 

  • WOW Effect: We produce attractions that attract attention, attractions that are colorful and designed as advertising, sort of a business card that highlights and differentiates your company or brand.

  • PREMIUM MATERIALS:  durable production materials for a long life of products. Double stitching, exchangable surfaces of the most occupied parts are our standard. 

  • KIDS SAFETY:  the vast majority of users of attractions are children, so we pay attention to safety and security features. Of course, the safety certificate EN14960, the DIN certificate of production materials, their health safety, anti-flammability and big tear strength are a standard. We use mesh and roof shades to increase the safety of children in the attraction.The Gibbons Fans from a British manufacturer also meets safety standards and has accompanying certification for business use.

  • EXPERIENCES AND REFERENCES: are an essential indicator when selecting a supplier of inflatable attractions. Our team is created by experts throughout the whole production, design and technical departments, with some of our staff having over 30 years of experience in this industry. Over the years, we've worked with countless companies, from small business through big companies, brands, event and advertising agencies, business centers, political movements, cities, municipalities, and associations. Based on these experiences, we know what is needed to design attractions that will be durable and successful for our customers.

  • SERVICE, CONSULTANCY AND MAINTENANCE: By purchasing our products, in addition to warranty and guarantee of functionality, you get free warranty service, repair kit and after-sales service. Our service department, workshop and warehouse are open 6 days in a week. We repair only REATEK attractions or inflatables of our clients.

Our clients have chosen our company mostly for:

  • quality, safety, precision, quick delivery

  • attractions adjustment for commercial use, intense and regular use

  • modern design and custom production, original designs, themes and themes, coloring and custom printing

  • high quality materials and processing for product durability

  • experience, warranty and service

  • technical help, design and maintenance

Check out our reference projects in each product section and also on our social media.


We can produce for you any product within 12-15 working days and deliver you by DHL Euroconnect service directly to your given destination.


Place the order with us and you will get your branded product with certificate and 36 month warranty.


Contact us for more details by e-mail or phone.

We will send you the cataloque for the required products or for the full portfolio. You can also download our basic cataloques here: 


Already know what product you need and what size you require? Ask for quotation or visit our e-SHOP.

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