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Delivering customized indoor playgrounds since 2010

Our company supplies safe and certified indoor playgrounds. We specialize in the production / delivery of custom indoor playgrounds - with a rich range of play accessories: slides, swings, ball pools, climbing towers, obstacles, toy rails, etc. We also supply and install indoor multifunctional trampolines and sports playgrounds in exteriors and interiors.

All playing elements are manufactured in accordance with European standards and have the corresponding certificates, especially EN-1176. We specialize exclusively in certified international brands of playgrounds, which can deliver high-quality, reliable products throughout Europe.

Production of playgrounds ensures maximum safety, rich playground equipment, durability, modern playground solutions. We offer the production of custom-made children's playgrounds according to your requirements.

We provide the production of custom-made playgrounds including :

  • Pre-consultation - recommending a suitable product

  • Design of a tailor-made product

  • 3D visualization of the playground

  • Color / design version as per requirement

  • Transportation playground

  • Installation of the playground

  • Certification, operating rules, recommendations and entrance checks

  • Inspection, service and regular compulsory yearly inspection


We supply branded playgrounds that increase sales, turnovers, popularity, and create a competitive edge for business owners to make their restaurant, hotel, or playroom the first choice for children and parents. Our indoor playgrounds are a reliable choice for owners who understand that having their own indoor playground in the facility is a necessity in order to attract families with children. We create play courses that bring new business opportunities, increase sales results and business potential. You can rely on our proven supplier experience. We deliver reliable playgrounds that bring business success to the owners and lead customers directly into their operations already since 2010.

Our clients:

  • Cafés, restaurants, pizzerias owners who want to make a profitable investment which will bring them increased turnover, more customers, repeated customer visits.

  • Shops, retail outlets and service providers who depend on the customer relationship and know that the parent's uninterrupted purchase leads to higher sales results.

  • Restaurants and fast food owners who want to gain a competitive advantage and be the first choice of children and parents, increase their profits with affordable solutions and become popular in the city.

  • Business centers that want to gain competitive edge and provide a special space for family, in order to be the first choice for leisure time and gain popularity in the city.

  • Hotel and accommodation providers looking for an effective solution to attract guests directly to them, and will increase the occupancy of the hotel, the guesthouse, increase the turnover, create a family atmosphere that leads to repeated visits, and increase popularity, references and recommendations on social networks.

  • Fitness center owners who know that the playground will create room for increased profit, more frequent parent visits and a competitive advantage. For the owner who wants to achieve the widest market family group - parents choose their fitness center.

  • The owners of the entertainment centers, who depend on cost-effective, affordable solutions, which increase sales and repeated visits of customers.

  • Municipalities, cities who care about the development, modernization of the city and  want to improve the living standards of the population and the way of spending leisure time for young people and children. For municipalities, towns, leisure centers that create projects for families.


We can produce for you any product within 3-4 weeks and deliver you by LKW Walter trucks directly to your given destination.


Place the order with us and you will get your branded product with certificate and 24 month warranty.


Contact us for more details by e-mail or phone.

We will send you the cataloque for the required products or for the full portfolio.


Already know what product you need and what size you require? Ask for quotation or visit our e-SHOP.

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